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Ballads, charme, sounds and colours from Salento


Live in London 2014


Luca Congedo, flute
Fabio Turchetti, voice, accordion, guitar & tambourine
Paul Gardner, percussion instruments
& Friends

The concert is a kind of journey, with music and video, through the most famous music expressions, originally re-adapted, of Terra d’Otranto (Salento) and of other lands from the Mediterranean World. Ancient tarantelle, Pizzica-tarantata, Pizzica-pizzica (de core), Ballads of Salento, Serenate, Popular dances, Typical grecanic songs from Grecìa Salentina.

Most of the songs played by the Khaossia are music for dance: the traditional dance of Salento, called pizzica or, nowadays, taranta. This dance is linked to a local cultural phenomenon called tarantism; sometimes it is danced between woman and man, as a form of courtship.
This kind of music is passional, obsessive and conducive to trance, owing to the fact that its main rhythmical actor is a local type of frame drum, the tamburello, which resounds like a never-stopping beating heart. The power of this music is at its highest during live shows, when the audience moves and dances to the rhythm.

Salento is a crossroads with the geographical and cultural features of a free zone for trade which was not allowed elsewhere, due to political and religious reasons. Salento belonged to the Eastern Roman Empire, and after the fall of the Empire, Otranto took on a special role, which culturally benefited and enriched the people. However, by the same token, Salento is a “finis terrae”, a peninsula that in some ways is like an island. 

The insular nature of Salento is testified by the fact that tarantism (a cultural phenomenon of trance and possessions) has endured to the present day in this area. It is no coincidence that the Salento dialect has morphological, phonological, and prosodic features that are entirely different from those in the rest of Puglia.

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