De Migratione

Pizzica & Early Music

(CPC 2007)

As the rest the for ever unforeseeable destiny came on stage, as in the fate of Ignatio Jerusalem, who left from Lecce in the first ten years of the XVIII century, with a burning enthusiasm in his eyes and the memory of his sunny homeland in his mind. His migration took him to Mexico City, where he became choirmaster and found the reputation of being a brilliant composer. It has been up to us a parallel lot to that of the young Ignatio. We have left the South in search of different cultural views, which we could have faced with and in search of more broad cognitive horizons, which could have enriched us, once fortified, ofetn anawares, by the radiant innocence of our roots.

Ignatius Dominicus Jerusalem

Ignatius Dominicus Jerusalem from Lecce was Chapel Master in Mexico’s cathedral, the most important musical rule in the colonial America. He was a clever composer of holy music and in a short time he became the main reference figure of the musical fields of the time. The IMLA, directed by Doc. Annibale Cetrangolo, found the baptsism certificate in the archives of the Archbishop’s Bar of Lecce. It said Ignatius, Dominicus, Orontius, Joseph Pascali Jerusalem was born in Lecce, 3rd June 1707, finally. The same document said his father, Mattheo, was an emigrant (perhaps from Neaple or from Lecce), who, considered a famous viola da gamba player, became Chapel Master in Jesus’s Church in Lecce and the teacher of the richest families’ children of the same city. Thanks to TACTUS, Albalonga has recorded for the fist time all over the world, some of Ignatio Jerusalem’s compositions, which were preserved in the Latin-American Archives.

I Khaossia

Viviana Calabrese (San Vito dei Normanni, BR), voce e tamburi a cornice;

Luca Congedo (Lecce), flauto traverso, traversiere barocco, flauto dritto rinascimentale;

Pietro Triolo (Foggia), voce e tamburi a cornice;

Fabio Turchetti (Cremona), laud, harmonium indiano e chitarra;

Christian Guidetti (Locarno, Svizzera), voce, tamburi a cornice e chitarra;

Luciana Elizondo (Rosario, ArgentinaReview


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