Khaossia @ Bedroom Bar - London

Ballads, charme, sounds and colours from Salento

16 dec 2015 - 8.00 pm

68 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY London, United Kingdom



Luca Congedo, flute
Fabio Turchetti, voice, accordion, guitar & tambourine
Maurizio Corda, guitar
& Friends

The concert is a kind of journey, with music and video, through the most famous music expressions, originally re-adapted, of Terra d’Otranto (Salento) and of other lands from the Mediterranean World. Ancient tarantelle, Pizzica-tarantata, Pizzica-pizzica (de core), Ballads of Salento, Serenate, Popular dances, Typical grecanic songs from Grecìa Salentina.

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EOS - Tournee in USA - San Diego 2013


Khaossia in USA

EOS Tour

18-26 oct 2013

Tournee USA 2013

19 oct - San Diego Italian Film Festival - San Diego

20 oct - Italian Cultural Center - San Diego

22 oct - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia 

23 oct - Seton Hall University - New Jersey

24 oct - Philadelphia

25 oct - Saint Joseph's Univesity - Philadelphia


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The sea and the music: an intercultural trip along XVI Century between Italy and Greece

Santa Maria al Bagno

20 August 2013

9.00 p.m.

Auditorium of the University Camp (AUTH)




Università Aristotele di Salonicco San Marco

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Khaossia started their career in 2005 wanting to promote Salento’s traditional music, with pizzica at its core. Soon the band moved to produce original pieces. The philosophy behind all of Khaossia’s projects is to begin with Salento’s history, culture and tradition to explore sounds that are old and new, near and far. Through this musical exploration, Khaossia looks for a suitable vehicle to bring back to light dusty and forgotten pages of Salento’s history.

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